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Poor Life Choices

Poor Life Choices, is serialized comedic series about MIKE and AMI, a rent-paying, baby-less couple in their mid-thirties, who have lost their last set of couple friends to the adult way of life, catapulting them into a millennial midlife crises.

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Calm Down Paul

Calm Down Paul, is a raunchy workplace comedy about the lives of the mundane nine-fivers who vent "TMI" to their office pal, Paul.


The Sunshine Boys

The SUNSHINE BOYS is a comedy series about the day to day lives of By-Law Officers trying to make the highly coveted “SUNSHINE LIST”.

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The Dishes

This black and white silent short film examines married life in all its menial challenges. The Dishes is a clown piece that seeks to highlight the absurdity of the everyday, while taking an age-old conflict and turning it on its head.


Cancer Can’t Dance Like This

In March of 2008 Daniel was diagnosed with Acute Non-Hodgkin’s T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, an aggressive form of Cancer requiring equally aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next two years of his life.   Through his ongoing battle with the disease, Daniel created his simultaneously heart warming and hysterical, Canadian Comedy Award winning one-person show, “Cancer Can’t Dance Like This”


Another Trip Around the Sun

Almost eight years have gone by since Daniel first performed his cross-country hit Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, about his two-year battle with Lymphoma. During that time and through his experiences as a cancer survivor, Daniel’s perspective on life has changed and he’s in the mood to share what he’s learned along the way. Daniel will offer his comedic take on subject matters, such as space, religion, human interactions, music and his love affair with Michael Jackson. Daniel uses a mix of storytelling, characters and observational humour to offer some suggestions on how we can make this spinning ball hurling through space, a better place to live.


Finding Funny

When Daniel Stolfi thinks he’s lost his comedy mojo, he sets out to rediscover what drove him to make people laugh in the first place. While backstage at a worn down comedy club, Daniel recounts the story of the first time he made someone laugh and the profound impact that moment had on his life. Finding Funny is a character driven comedy piece that invites the audience into the mind of a comedian, whose only desire has ever been to make us laugh.